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How Linear paid clinical trials work


Choose a Trial

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Pre-Screening Questionnaire and Phone Call

Find out if you’re eligible


Attend Screening Visit

Attend our world-class facility for screening. Our medical doctors will confirm your eligibility to participate



Check-In & Check-Out in our world class facility where you will be cared for by our knowledgeable team of medical doctors, nurses, and staff


Follow-up Visit

After your follow-up visit, you are remunerated for participating


Get Paid

Generally, payments are made two weeks after the final follow-up appointment, or as you progress through milestone appointments.

Participant Reviews

Don't listen to us - hear from the people who allow us to do what we do. Our Linear participants!

Linear Clinical Research
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Emma Fulton
Emma Fulton
23:11 28 Apr 23
Thankyou to all the beautiful nurses and doctors at Linear, all so kind and caring.The overall experience was very professional. Happy with Linear 😊
05:53 23 Dec 21
The staff were very professional and friendly and the clinic seems to be well-run. Before making the appointment I specified on the phone the dates that I would be available for and the... ones I wouldn't. After reading the documents, going to the appointment and passing the screening test I was offered to be a "back up" for the dates I specified I wasn't available for.I understand that they have to test extra participants in case someone fails the health check or pulls out last minute but it appeared to me that they already knew the dates available for me were filled before I even went to the appointment - I would recommend more transparency in the future to avoid wasting someone's more
Bo-Anne Kolkman
Bo-Anne Kolkman
08:11 04 Oct 21
Such a fun experience and all whilst helping medical research. Food is delicious and the staff are lovely ☺️
Matthew Candy
Matthew Candy
00:13 22 Sep 21
Fantastic experience and great knowing I'm helping the next generation with the trial medication I was dosed with.Food was catered in and staff on the hospital stay were amazingly happy... and friendly but serious too.Follow ups were a breeze and the nurses were so gentle taking blood samples that you are literally in and out.Thanks Linear clinical research perth.I highly more
Anatolii Artamonov
Anatolii Artamonov
12:17 06 Sep 21
I’d like to complement dozens of previous reviews from happy reviewers by addressing Linear team and future volunteers.Liner Team:Guys, you’re literally the best! I’m a middle age... professional who worked in various industries. What I saw and experienced, while doing a number of trials with your team, is that the synergy, the coherence, the friendliness, professionalism, respect and easy-going environment make your team unique – a family! Believe me, there are not many teams out there that are like yours and a significant number of companies are actively investing and trying to create the team environment you already have in place. Please nurture it. This is what makes us – patients – to return, not the monetary reward we get, not the food or quite time, but the spirit of your amazing team!Future volunteers:For those of you who are contemplating whether to participate in one of the trials or not, let me tell you something. Clinical Trial, by its nature, is an experiment. You might be surprised, but we all experiment on our bodies without even noticing this! There is a difference between running an experiment ‘blindly’ (smoking, alcohol consumption, eating new unfamiliar food or driving sleep deprived) – uncontrolled, completely unaware, or perhaps aware, but without medical assistance at hand; and running an experiment ‘cautiously’ in a controlled, structured and methodical way when multiple independent medical professionals and Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (if I recall correctly) assess the process, safety, risks and are ready to help should it be required. Linear trials are the world class ‘cautious’ experiments, as I call them. When I say World Class – I mean, literally, they are one of the best clinical research facilities in the world. I was a bit worried when participated in my first trial, but what I went through completely vanished my concerns.First, they do comprehensive initial screening to make sure a participant will not have ANY possible side effects from the trial. And this is the best part, to me at least: I get FREE and SCRUPULOUS professional medical assessment! We all know that prevention is the best cure. Well, this is when Linear doctors could notice some issues that do not yet manifest themselves and when they eventually do, it might be too late (e.g. pre-diabetes, HIV, Hep B, platelets, ECG abnormalities, etc). So it is of a great benefit to find any abnormalities early in order to address them before severe or acute symptoms force us to go to a GP.Then, if medical assessment is deem acceptable, you are provided with a Consent Form, where the trial is described in a great detail and all previous scientific evidence pertaining to this trial are presented and explained, including animal and human trials. During one-on-one conversation you could ask Linear licensed physician all the questions you might have regarding the trial. This is where I go wild and shoot all the ‘stupid’ questions I come up with! They answer all :-) If for some reasons you don’t like what you hear, you can always withdraw. And this is another great benefit of such trials: you ALWAYS could withdraw if for whatever reason you don’t like it.During the trial, it may get a bit too busy, but the team manages this very well. And they care after patients like mum cares after her child! Seriously! You’ll be well looked after while there. When trial is completed, there are normally follow up visits during which doctors and nurses do complete follow up examination. They even pay attention to the minor scratches I normally don’t even notice! You’ll get your compensation after the completion of the trial. And a months later you’ll start thinking to apply for another one :-) I promise you’ll do!I hope this was helpful. It might seem somewhat too long, but I through it was worth the effort to go through this in more details. I have no affiliation with Linear nor any of its nurses or doctors. This is an honest and personal review I believe the Linear team deserves and future volunteers would be interested to more
Amy Joy
Amy Joy
05:01 31 Jul 21
Thank you so much to the wonderful Doctors, Nurses and all other staff at the Linear Clinic! The entire team at Linear are extremely professional, knowledgeable and take pride in what... they do. All the staff are very kind and caring and make sure you are healthy and well before they do anything. I felt very safe and assured throughout the entire process, from screening to being admitted to being discharged. Communication is excellent and the information that is sent is very thorough and clearly written. They take great care of each patient and I would highly recommend anyone who is eligible to participate if you can! It was such a great experience to stay for 3 nights/4 days and I would love to do it again. The food was delicious and they cater really well for vegans and for other dietary requirements too if you have them! Helping the future of medicine and medical research should be enough reason to take part of the trials, the rest is just a bonus! :)read more
Ivan Nazarov
Ivan Nazarov
06:19 13 Jul 21
Very good experience, great staff and pay well would come again
Shay Smith
Shay Smith
02:07 12 Jul 21
Done 3 studies now. The team at linear are caring professionals. Will almost certainly be back again.
16:21 15 Jun 21
Extremely friendly and capable staff. I have done a couple studies and every one has been perfectly streamlined from beginning to end.
Bailey Haffner
Bailey Haffner
00:55 21 May 21
Staff was very friendly and well-disposed. The facilities where very nice and clean and food could not be complained about. A great chance to catch a break by laying in bed with no chores!
14:57 13 May 21
Participated in a 4-day clinical trial; Definitely a better experience than I had expected! Catering was good, and the facilities were clean and well-maintained. Since participants can't... go out, perhaps a few artificial plants to add some green would help to spruce up the commons. It would certainly make longer stays more more
Victor Hugo Di Oliveira Franco
The staff is very welcoming and people are always taking care of the participants. From front desk, to nurses and doctors, I’ve always felt comfortable around them. On top of that, I got... to make some extra money while being part of something that could result in a real benefit to other people. I’d highly recommend Linear trials to friends and any other people who might be interested in trying it more
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Why participate with Linear

Healthy participants are paid for their time, but that’s rarely the sole reason for someone becoming a participant. It’s also about doing something for the greater good! Support medical research that can potentially help change and even save lives.