5 reasons to participate in a clinical trial



1. Clinical trials are essential!

Clinical trials are essential for developing new treatments, diagnostics and healthcare interventions, providing data on safety and effectiveness, and helping healthcare providers and patients make better decisions. By participating, volunteers can access new treatments early and gain a better understanding of their health. Clinical trials also offer hope for those with serious illnesses, as they may lead to new treatments and cures.


2. Clinical trials help people.

Participating in clinical trials is important to stop, diagnose, and treat diseases and illnesses. When you join a trial, you are contributing to research that could bring new treatments closer to people across the world. The trial may not only help with your disease or illness, but could also make progress in other areas of science.


3. Clinical trials can help your family and friends.

You can help yourself and your loved ones by taking part in a study about genetic diseases or illnesses. Your involvement could make it easier to find new treatments and give people healthier, longer lives. It could also help people understand the disease or illness better, and bring hope to those affected by it. Your contribution could be the key to finding a cure.


4. Clinical trials make new treatments accessible more quickly to patients who need them.

Healthy volunteer clinical trials test new medicines and treatments for safety and tolerability before these treatments become accessible to patients who need them. Throughout this process, participants are supported by a world-class medical team who will keep a watchful eye on their overall health.


5. Clinical trials need volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

Clinical trials need participants of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, gender, or background. Some conditions are more common in certain populations, making it even more important to have a diverse group of participants. You are important and your contribution matters!